Saturday, May 10, 2014


Here you will find the work done for Bound By Flame  developed by Spiders | game weavers and published by Focus.

I suggest you first time a "small" number of textures-sheet that I made during my contract with them.
Many other things will certainly come.


textures >>

Here are some tileable textures (in order to separate the specific textures of assets).
Most are made to be blended with one or more other textures. (multi-textures on the page devoted to Unreal shaders (here), even if the engine used is different, the technique remains the same in his operation)






























Assets >>

So let's start at the beginning: the prologue!
The prologue is localized in an ancient lost temple in a mountain. We do not have more information, so we decided to make a temple with a high dominance of red (fire temple?). He was missing a key element, a landmark. So I took a little time to make a dragon in red stone. After several "test" of poses we chose the one that talked to us the most. Thus the "sphinx" laying has been retained.

In Chapter 2, the player arrives in a city built on a gigantic bridge, far away, overlooking the entire level, a impressive castle. The constraint was the realized as soon as possible, with the least possible textures. So I created this cluster called castle with two textures (2x diffuse, spec 2x, 2x and 2x normal blend). The player will never come very close to the building, the joke is made :)


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