Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mirrored Bones

Hi !

I have worked on a usefull script :D
Indeed, I recently wanted to create several chain's bones for my character, nevertheless, I didn't know how to create a proper symmetry for each of them (without using a fu*** mirror which will create issues in bones' rotation)
So I have create this AWESOME script:

MirrorBonesChain - Script

As usual; you have to run it (Maxscript > RunScript) and go to the Cutstomize User Interface pannel (Customize > Cutstomize User Interface) Switch to the Toolbars pannel, go the the "KIWI" category and drag and drop the script to your MainToolbar. That will create a sexy icon nammed "CBS"

What can you do with this simple script?

the "With Position" Checkbox allows to you to create a bone's chain copy with exactly the same position mirrored along the X axis you have selected (Select Axis PickButton) (in case of your mesh is not in 0,0,0)

then, select your bone's chain and press the Compute button (do it chain by chain please )

If you haven't checked the "With Position" button, the center of your symmetry will be the pivot of your first bone in your hierarchy. (a bit useless, but neverknow...)

I will add this little script to my AutoRigScript further

(AutoRig) <= download here btw

If you have some questions or troubles for using my script, you can mail me :)