Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dominance War V

WIP SPOILER (click to expand)

Hello, this year I decided to participate.

So I think creating a character named Ansgar. It is a Germanic-sounding name from the Germanic therefore "Ase": Divinity and "Gari": Lance.

He will certainly be a god of war provided a huge spear slay skulls.
Or a demon god of chaos.

Some research, some sketches and I will tell you more!

After some research, I decided to take inspiration from work of Joe Madureira in Darksiders.
Here is the lineart:

Because i didn't want to dwell too much on the concept, I added color briefly:

I am currently seeking employment, and late! I have not finished .. However, I still working on this character as soon as I can.


I found some time recently to calculate the normals and bake occlusion and cavities maps.


final render in turn:

Ansgar - Theology

Formerly wrongly revered as the god of earth and stone because of his appearance, He is actually the immortal god of war.
Born of the divine rock, unbreakable and impenetrable that He has himself created, on which the gods have based their sacred refuge beyond the visible. He is the incarnation of evil due to the war. Cruelty, violence, pride and intemperance are him master's words.

He knows neither fear nor pain. His mind and his strength found refuge in his arm stone where he was born. An isolated place, unchanging, outside of space and time.
The human race has destroyed her blue planet; believing that they would never have been achieved: the divine. They forgot who watch over them.
Ansgar, disagreeing with his family on the future of mankind, decided, while others advocated patience and tolerance, come to Earth in order to kick their asses and punish them.
Without pity, he is determined to decimate all the infidels and all other gods on his way.
He is thirsty for blood and carnage. From his mouth, he will vomit screaming vile, terrifying the enemy.

And by force and fear he will restore his former glory.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"PANPAN" the rabbit

As always, I took time on lunch breaks to start a new character (while waiting for "Dominance War").
After the snail, octopus, I decided (in a flash of genius ^ ^) to me launch in an attack on a vicious rabbit ... really vicious (you know what i mean)!

So I set myself to an artwork.
Here are the opening lines: