Thursday, May 31, 2012


Hello, i'm starting a new character.This time, he will be an human (wizard). He will have 3 head versions: caucasian, african and asian.

WIP | Caucasian head SPOILER (click to expand)
I took Iain Glen (Jorah Mormont in Game of Thrones) for reference.

Starting to find the main shape of his head: 2 hours after the beginning:

Daily Little update:


Hey !

I started to paint his face :)

Hey ! I have finished to retopologize his face and i have baked diffuse, normals and AO.
I have to finish his texture (hair; adding more details) and create the specular and glossiness map !

New update:

WIP | African head SPOILER (click to expand)

Time is coming to start the african version of my wizard's head !


Retopology was done ! A little preview with diffuse/normal/spec and gloss (not final version):

WIP | Asian head SPOILER (click to expand)

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