Tuesday, January 17, 2012

WIP: Dogwalker

Dear everyone :p,

I have started a new character on my free time! This is a request by Krzysztof Galus for his game: "insomnia is coming".
Also, i have to create a dogwalker, inspirated from artworks he sent to me (made by Torture Device).


close up:

WIP SPOILER (click to expand)

This is the beginning...
I use ZB 4R2 with Dynamesh for extrude or add parts of this aweful monster !
I hope he will be creepy at the end :}

update: i have clarified most of main shapes... i must go ahead !

little update: this time, i have detailed some parts of him (right arm, guts...). this should not be obvious on these small screenshots. I must not waste my time on details ! lot of shapes are not finished !

New update:

I have started color, using polypaint in ZB

After a brief retopology (the low-poly is about 7300 tris) I calculated (xNormal has done for me actually) the normal and color made with ​​Polypaint plus, an ambient occlusion map!

Here are some screenshots with the maps applied that haven't been retouched yet.

Next program: improve the color map, create my spec map and gloss map ... then ... Skin the model

New update :

God damn ! at home on my computer, it seems very dark...
So i made a turn video, normally more visible than previous screenshots

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